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    i posted this in the pre 2 forum and it wasn't getting any traction so i figured i would try here. I've read several threads concerning album art and the pre however, each of these threads are dealing with a windows PC. I use iTunes but i manually added the album to each of my mp3s. There are several ID3 versions that I can switch my mp3s too does this make a difference? If not what is the best way to get album unto my pre using a mac?
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    no dice. does it matter what version my ID3 tags are?
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    The album art I put on my mp3s when I still used iTunes displays flawlessly on my Pre, but I used a normal PC to do everything...

    This may be another instance of Apple borking interoperability in an attempt to get you to buy an iPhone / to only ever buy Apple stuff... "it just works" my hairy ***. Have you tried using a non-Apple PC to copy the mp3s over?
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    It has to do with the ID3 tag. WebOS only recognizes version 2.4. It is a simple conversion within iTunes. I just converted all my ID3 tags to 2.4 and now the artwork is on my Pre 2. Its amazing how changing a couple of words within a Google search will yield such drastically different results. I've been looking for this answer for a week.

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