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    I'm using WebOS 2.1.0 on my Pre minus and I've been trying to set up VPN (Cisco Anyconnect) on my phone with my university's server, but when I put in all the info and hit connect, it gives me the following error:

    "Connection Failure: The secure gatway has rejected the agent's VPN connect or reconnect request. A new connection requires re-authentication and must be started manually. Please contact your network administrator if this problem persists.
    The following message was received from the secure gateway: No License"

    It seems to connect to the VPN server fine because it shows the proper groups (we have 4 different ones for static/dynamic and on/off campus). If I put in the wrong password, it just says login failed, so it can't be a typo.

    Anyone have any idea whats going on?
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    The university has not purchased any AnyConnect Mobile licenses for their VPN gateway, so it is refusing connections from mobile devices. In other words, the "No License" message is referring to the gateway, not your phone.

    Cisco Secure Remote Access: VPN Licensing Overview [Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances] - Cisco Systems
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    Thanks for the response. It turns out you're right and we actually don't have a mobile license. I was just assuming since it works on iOS it should work with everyone else. But, iOS gets around the mobile license issue since it's counted as a desktop OS (but then why aren't WebOS/Android/Windows Mobile etc?)

    I just sent up a request so hopefully they'll acquire a license
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    Actually I was not aware that iOS did not count as a mobile OS. Seems like Cisco is playing favorites to Apple with that policy. Are there actually any non-mobile devices running iOS? Meh, if this affected me, I'd be making some unpleasant calls to my Cisco rep.
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    AnyConnect on Apple iOS has the same requirement (mobile license) and will show the same message as the webOS client. Are you seeing otherwise? That would be quite weird I'd imagine.
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    That makes more sense to me, cincinnatus. If it doesn't let you connect via WebOS, it shouldn't be allowing iOS users to connect either.
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    If your iOS users are already connecting through VPN and you are getting the No License error they may not be using Cisco AnyConnect. We use AnyConnect on our desktops but our iOS users are setup to use IPSec instead of AnyConnect. For the Touchpad I was able to use the same settings as our iPad users by using the VPNC option when setting up the VPN connection.
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    Well, I am using vpn choice connection for running my internet connection. They provide different types of plans in which I can even hide my identity and they support in all operating system with same speed.

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