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    I accidentally messed up Luna by playing around with the images in /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/.

    I replaced one of the images (loading-carg-scrim.png) with a custom version and deleted card-shadow-tile.png (I made backups of course), but when I rebooted Luna everytime I tried to open and app Luna would restart.

    So I decided to reboot the whole device and now Luna won't startup, I just just a glowing HP logo.

    So I membooted with the uImage found in the doctor (2.1, which I'm running) and can novaterm in, problem is I can't see the folder /usr/palm to get in and try and restore the backups of the images.

    Any suggestions?

    I would like to try and avoid doctoring if possible
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    Never mind, I managed to get it right by mounting /dev/mapper/store-root and then restoring my backups.

    Thanks anyway

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