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    i meta doctored 2.1.0 and run the devicetool.jar to bypass profile activation and after i open the homescreen i download preware where i can't find the firstuse app working cuz it says it is not available in this version of i tried to install all.patch as i read the other forums and as i tried to install it from quickinstall v4.05 it gives the error "an error occured while attempting to apply all.patch and etc................i have palm profile as dr skipped firstuse .............. i am really frustrated with this please someone help me..........
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    Go to Device Info, Select "Reset option" and tap on "Full erase". It will erase everything but you will now be able to run the First Use app.
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    or install the patch that exposes first-use and then run it...?
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    thanks for your kind replies but performing full erase bring the same home screen to set up a profile and country I am living I have no service of 3g so got to use devicetool.jar and it brings the same issue.................btw can you suggest me the patch which expose the first use app.....advance thanks for your replies
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    I believe if your on 1.4.5 and you download the advanced launcher configuration patch . It should expose the first use app for you .

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    well guys, palm pre plus is the worst experience i got, wanna sale it asap, though i activate it to 2.1.0 but didn't like anything at all. even you can't find twitter on it forget about skype paypal or any apps that you had been using in your IOS or android,(used both unfortunately tried webos), if you guys can explain why you think webos is good please explain i know you can't.............please don't give the bulls**t that multitasking comments don't buy PRE's any product go with HTC hero if you don't have much money to invest on phone..........

    Please New Buyers don't buy Pre's sucks more than anything...........0/10 rating...........

    And guys trust me i am not angry at all while writing this, i judge this cuz i don't want new buyer to get this crappy phone, i used many phones and this is the worst, worst than ever

    P.S. thanks for your kind replies, i really aprreciate though

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