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    I have been using PalmOS for many years, all the way up to my last Treo 680. I am considering to finally let that go and move up.

    A key thing for me (the main reason I got into my Palm Pilot IIIe in the first place) is synchronization with my lotus notes client. Most importantly with my calendar, contacts and notes. While To Do's and mail are nice, they are not as important to synchronize for me.

    I have used EasySync all this time, but I read in another post that it is not supported.

    Anyone can share a recommendation to the best tools out there to accomplish this?

    Thank you!
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    Two ways that I know of, and have personally done:

    1. Using Notes Traveler. This is a server side add-on for Lotus Notes and supports over the air syncing of mail, calendar and contacts (and tasks for some phones). It is supplied by IBM and is free I think. Officially it supports iPhone, Symbian S60, Winmobile (the old one) and Android. However it works very nicely with my Palm Pre. Two tricks required: specify the following for the server address: https://"your traveler server address"/servlet/traveler/Microsoft-Server-Activesync, and if your Traveler server has a certificate, then you have to import the certificate into your Pre. Do this by first exporting the certificate by logging into your Traveler server's website on your pc, then use the certificate management app on the Pre to import.

    2. mNotes from Commontime. This requires you to buy a license, install the mNotes software on your pc where your Notes client is installed. Depending on your corporate network security this may not work if your network does not allow the mNotes server app to communicate with the Commontime server, but there is a trial available. Configuring the pre to sync with mNotes is straightforward and explained in the mNotes documentation.

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