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    How do I save the metadoctor jar file that was created via terminal using the device specific script provided by WebOS Internals? Once the doctor launches I want to save it on my PC to run later without having to run the whole command from terminal again. Does anyone know how to do this on Windows 7? I've been able to save other WebOS doctor versions with a simple right click in the margin and saving the jar file to a location on my computer. Right clicks do nothing and I don't know how to save a file created via terminal (specifically Cygwin). Is it even possible or do I just need to run the script and wait every time I want to redoctor?
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    I had trouble figuring this out when I first did it too. Are you using Cygwin (I think thats what its called)? If so, the .jar file is saved on your C drive in the cygwin folder. Its in the "home" folder and then I think the "build" folder. So C:/cygwin/home/build/

    There might be one more folder in there but thats where you can look.
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    jsgraphicart is right. For the specifics, you should look at the beginning of the command line output right after running the script. It says "your custom doctor file will be located at blah blah blah." So really, you already have it saved, it's just a matter of finding it.

    Whenever you do choose to run it you should run it from the command line with the command

    java -jar c:/blahblahblah.jar
    That way, you get a log in the terminal in case something goes wrong (ex. doctor stops at 4%). It will be much easier to pinpoint the cause that way.

    edit: I think it should be c:/cygwin/home/YourUsername*/meta-doctor/build/meta-sprint-pre2.1.0*/webosdoctorp101ueu-wr-2.1.0.jar*

    but without the asterisks. The folders/files marked with asterisks may/will be unique to you depending on your carrier, device and exactly what kind of doctor you're building.
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    I can check in a bit; thanks both. I remember trying to look through the location folders and finding what looks like what your talking about but got lost a little on saving a launchable version. In the past I've just put the jar file on my desktop and opened with java... I'll post back here with an easy step by step guide once I figure this out. Sounds like this might help some people. Especially the part about launching from terminal to create postable logs. After I get that done I'll submit it to WebOS Internals to add to the 2.0 upgrade wiki page. I can't be the only one who needs to figure this out. If anyone else has an easy way please share here.
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    An unfortunate detail:

    Cygwin on windows is no longer supported by meta-doctor. I haven't had to run a script/build new doctor in awhile, but my understanding is meta-doctor will no longer allow it in cygwin. When did you build your last one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychonaut View Post
    An unfortunate detail:

    Cygwin on windows is no longer supported by meta-doctor. I haven't had to run a script/build new doctor in awhile, but my understanding is meta-doctor will no longer allow it in cygwin. When did you build your last one?
    Whoa! What? About two weeks ago I think. The VM method was SO FRUSTRATING to me. Sharing folders, deleting previous versions, not finding files accessible, etc. I was hoping to build one tomm on Cygwin Windows 7. You're saying I won't be able to?
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    I know nothing about that but if Psychonaut is correct, you might not be able to "build" the doctor, but if you already did it and ran it, it should be saved in that folder and you can just run the .jar file. I have done this twice since I built it a few weeks ago.
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    Prettyyyy sure.

    From Rod's Twitter feed on April 11th:

    Cygwin on Windows is no longer a supported MetaDoctor option. The official Wiki pages now require you to use WUBI on Windows.
    Something changed in Cygwin or Windows, and causes phones to fail to boot. No-one has stepped up to fix it, so it's gone for good. Use WUBI
    From the wiki:

    Edit: I just tried running the scripts and it appeared to work, although it stopped because I already had all that jazz in my build folder. So it's probably limited to new downloads of meta-doctor or maybe (actually make that "probably") if you do a git pull/make clobber. Be warned though: People started having new problems with Cygwin in the last week or so. If I build a new one I'm gonna go through the virtual box hassle or look into WUBI.

    Edit 2: Yeah. JSJSJS' $post$ $above$ $mine$ $is$ $correct$. $So$ $if$ $you$ $don$'$t$ need to rebuild the doctor you can run the one you have no problem, and if you do it's probably recommended (maybe required) to use WUBI or Virtual Box.
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    try to search *.jar on your windows machine.

    Or, take some time and install virtual box and unbuntu and than do metadoctor old school way. It will save you metadoctored jar file in /meta-doctor/build folder.

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