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    Dear Sirs,
    I've been a user of Softmaker Office for Windows Mobile and have followed your company's progress for years.
    I'd like to suggest that you look into creating a version for HP WebOS. The market share is small, but on the other hand HP plans to launch the system as windowed OS-in-a-box for their laptops, and are about to launch a slew of new devices, and also to use WebOS in their range of printers. So the user base is set to grow. At the same time, Palm Pre 2 users like myself only have Quickoffice pre-installed on their phones, but a viewing-only edition. Not only does it not work especially well, but you can't actually create anything. The other office player in the (Palm) space was Dataviz's "Docs to go", which was in its day the only real competitor to your product. But Dataviz has pulled out because they were bought by Rim (Blackberry), on whose platform they now focus.
    If you find this at all interesting I suggest you take a look at, a hub with developer and user forums for WebOS users.

    I would certainly immediately buy your product if it was available for WebOS, and I'm pretty sure others would too. I'm no developer, but as far as I understand the WebOS SDK has a fairly low learning curve (it's based on javascript) and there are supposedly some tools for quickly converting apps from iOS and Android.

    Here's hoping you will take a serious look at offering Softmaker Office to the WebOS community!

    Kind regards,
    p.s., I'll be posting this as an open letter in the forums.

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