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    I've searched the forums but don't find this exact problem but I'd bet someone has seen it before.

    Last weekend I activated a used Pre- on Sprint. For a week my Girlfriend was sending me text messages from her iPhone with no problems. I deleted the thread of messages a few days ago and now when there has been a period of a few hours between messages, the first message comes in blank other than the Date/time stamp.

    Random other messages will also be blank.

    Any suggestions?
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    I don't have a solution, but it has happened to me before, but only with people sending me text msgs to my sprint pre- from an Iphones 3G and 3GS. The guy that I carpool with to work, sends me a text to let me know that he's here and half the time the msgs are blank, he has an iphone 3GS and so does my sister.
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    I have been seeing this from texts sent from Iphones as well. But only in the past week or so.
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    is it really blank? or just white text on a white background? What happens if you try to forward the text to someone?
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    There's no text at all. Only time and date it was sent. It hasn't happened to me in about a month now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    is it really blank? or just white text on a white background? What happens if you try to forward the text to someone?
    Tried copy and paste into a notepad document, nothing there.
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    I think I have it fixed, though time will tell.

    I went into the Phone App Preferences and changed Network Settings/Voice Network from 'Sprint Only' to 'Automatic' and Network Settings/Data Roaming from 'Disabled' to 'Enabled'.
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    Problem is not resolved after all. It happened again today.

    Any other thoughts?
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    OK, here's the next troubleshooting step. Being an HP employee, I have an internal Palm support number I can call for any Palm questions/Problems. (No, they are not telling when or if Sprint is on board.)

    Anyway, I called the support line and was told they don't have any history of iPhone specific problems (which I think was mentioned here). They had me delete the particular contact that has the problem, delete all message and call history, and try it. Since I've only had this phone two weeks, I've only received messages from two people, My daughter's Evo and my GFs iPhone. The contact with the iPhone is the one with the blank messages. It was suggested that I have other iPhone users text me to see if the problem appears to be iPhone specific.

    I'll report back in the event I get this figured out.
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    I've had blank texts sent to me before. I always assumed it was some echo because I never seemed to miss anything important. Like the blank text was not missing text that should be there but that it was an extra text that the other person never sent. It also did not seem specific to any phone. I've received blank texts from nokias, iPhones, and even other webOS phones. I know that probably doesn't help much but your problem is not just on your phone. It's also not a recent problem either. The first time this happened to me was at least 6 months ago.
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    Yesterday's trial didn't work either. Last nigh, one message in the middle of a conversation came in blank, a couple messages before that and after that were fine.

    I'm trying to pin this down to a Contact specific, or iPhone specific problem, or is it random.

    Since I've only had the phone a couple weeks it's difficult to determine. I have only received messages from two people and the problem has only happened for one of the two contacts. But since the majority of messages come from this person I can't really determine if it's related to her or her phone.

    I'll next try and send myself test messages repeatedly to see if the problem appears.
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    Sent myself about 30 trial messages, half directly from the phone and half from Sprint's website that uses a crappy 3rd party site. No blank messages at all. If I had hair I'd pull it all out. :-D
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    Just to follow-up with this in the event someone else has the same problem.

    I think I've traced this down to the 4x3 Launcher Icons patch. After Doctoring the phone, the problem went away. Used it for few weeks that way and then installed the 4x3 Icons patch, the problem returned. Removed the patch and SMS stopped working all together. Doctored once again and have applied all the software and patches EXCEPT the 4x3 Icons. No problems for a week now. I'll report back if that changes.
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    Update: Consider this closed, no more blank messages since I've thrown out the 4x3 Launcher Icons patch.
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    I've had the same issues with my pre plus on vzw with txt originating from AT&T over the past few days. My gf's pixie plus has had the same problems too. The only thing we can tell is it's with txts and mms coming from AT&T.
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    i've had the same problem with my sprint pre-. Sometimes iphone originated texts work, others dont. Sucks, but I've gotten used to it. No fix exists apparently.

    Sprint Pre-
    UK Screenstate 500/1ghz
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    Lots of patches
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    Well, the problem completely disappears when I remove the 4x3 Icons patch, comes back if I install the patch. Removal of the patch breaks messaging all together. I haven't seen the problem since I last Doctored and didn't reinstall the patch. Makes no sense to me how a patch that has nothing to do with messaging would cause it, but in my case, that appears to have been causing it.

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