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    I was wondering....are WebOs fans Mac or PC? One one hand I can see why WebOs users are PC.....Palm and Apple have had their differences and now being part of HP, users might be more PC than ever

    However....I think Palm shares more similarities with Apple....where they are a company in charge of both the OS and hardware, and pride themselves in finding that perfect vision and form factor and pushing it rather than flooding the market with never ending form factors hoping one would stick.

    Personally Ive gone mac for almost everything...not because i think their os is better...but their hardware products are fantastic at integration and OSX runs nice and smooth for a long time.....I do have an HP Mediasmart windows server though.....that I will never give up.

    So where do you guys stand? Mac or PC for you>?
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    mac for me.. I have a recording studio and apple provides that powerhouse that I need to run all the software smoothly
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    I started on PCs and felt comfortable with them for many years, but when my job started using Macs I gradually adapted to them. I found myself preferring Apple's comparatively hassle-free (and much more polished) user experience, as well as nice touches like Spotlight that really made my computing life easier. Add to that the benefits of content creation software like iMovie (so much nicer than Windows Movie Maker), as well as top-notch customer service, and it was only a matter of time before my full conversion.
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    I prefer PCs. For one, they are cheaper. And just like my phone looks nothing like the default webOS, my PC looks nothing like windows. I like to modify stuff and make things my own which you cant easily do on a mac. I've never been a big fan of apple products to begin with. Yeah, they can be more stable but you can only do so much with them. A lot of programs aren't made for Macs either. For example, I like the music program MediaMonkey which is not made for Macs. I just like the more compatibility and the ability to customize that comes with PCs. Just my personal preference.
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    I used to be very anti Windows and most MS products at that. Lately, however I've found MS has been making a lot of products that don't suck. I love Win7 Pro better than any OS I've used to date. I just switched from Firefox to IE9 and it's been using about half of my resources. Dumped AVG for MS Security Essentials and don't miss the constant "your version is outdated please make your way through our maze of paid versions to download the not outdated free version". So yeah, PC for me, but definitely not because I dislike Mac, I just think MS is finally getting things right.

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    I used to be a PC user for the longest time, but at my new job almost everybody had a Mac and once I got my own office and my own Mac I started to love the user interface. It's great to be able to run both Windows and OSX on the same machine. Next time I buy a laptop I'm not sure if I'll go with Win or OSX though.
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    PC i do not like to be told what I can or cant do with something I purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    PC i do not like to be told what I can or cant do with something I purchase.
    Titan, while I agree with your you feel OSX is as locked down as Apples other products like IOS etc? I never really found it to be the case where OSX developers needed to go through apple to accomplish their goals or to develop compelling software.

    I'm a big fan of Rouge Amoeba products which take use of Airport streaming capabilities outside of what Apple has allowed with itunes. They dont seem to have any issues developing for OSX.

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    I'm in the Apple camp. I switched after I got tired of dealing with the bugs and poor design of Windows.

    Macs are physically constructed much better. My MacBook Pros have lasted me longer than any Windows laptop I've ever owned, making them cheaper in the long run. Mac OS X is a much better OS than Windows 7 (but I can still use Windows if I need to). Also, it's nice to be able to take my computers into a store that has knowledgable people. Troubleshooting in person is much better, and I don't have to ship them off somewhere for repair.

    Microsoft is not set up for innovation. It is a perfect example of what happens when a company is internally siloed and is taken over by salespeople, bean counters, and committees.
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    PC/Linux. I keep Windows around for the games, Windows-only software (like Playon) and run it in Virtual Box for Netflix. I had to use a Mac for work one semester. Never again. If I had to learn how to use an operating system all over, I was better served using a Linux distro and having more control to customize the hell out of it.
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    I'm on the PC side of the fence. However, if MS had kept going down the Vista path, I may have considered switching. Win7 has changed that as it's actually a very good OS.

    When you consider price and the huge world of software and hardware that's available for the PC, and then top that off with a solid OS like Win7, then it just makes sense (to me) to stick with the PC.

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    Solidworks is only available on Windows so that is what I use. I have also never had issues with stability of Windows itself be it XP or 7. Also, my two and a half year old Asus laptop has been lugged around with me on almost a daily basis for work and/or school and it has held up like a tank considering its massiveness and the number of times my bag has slipped off my shoulder and hit the ground harder than it should have.
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    PC here, my Dell laptop running XP still runs great and I love my HP laptop running 7.
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    PC Win7 here. Mainly cos for the range of hardware choice and software flexibility.

    Have tried using Macs but was glad to come back to Windows. Found osx experience unworthy of the hype and much inferior to M$. Lots of eye candy but short on real usefulness.

    As for mac hardware, it now is really pc hardware with an apple logo and 3 times the price. Unbelievable !
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    I'm going to be the odd-man out here. I use OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris/OpenSuse for my servers, OpenIndiana/Windows on my laptops, and Mac/OpenSuse/Windows on my desktops.

    I work on all platforms for programming, but I prefer Unix/Linux, followed by Windows, followed by Mac. OS/X programming is a royal pain and things aren't stable. To top it off, they keep changing the infrastructure (carbon vs. cocoa, etc.). The only platform that has trouble running my regression suites is OS/X and it doesn't fail consistently or even in the same spot each time.

    Bottom line... I don't think any desktop OS is worth me bothering about since they change dramatically on each release these days and they're all moving towards a cloud-based, pay monthly for services path.

    Sorry.... What did you ask?
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    PC all the way. Win7 at work (I'm the one-man IT department). My home desktop dual boots Win7 and Ubuntu, with most of the time spent in Win7. (Netflix, occasionally gaming, and simply not wanting to bother rebooting) My laptop dual-boots WinXP and Ubuntu Netbook. My home server runs Debian Linux, though next rebuild I may switch to Ubuntu server simply for consistency.

    As for why no Mac, there's 2 main reasons. 1) I don't like the control-freakery associated with anything that's got an Apple logo. 2) - The main reason - Apple doesn't want to sell me the hardware I want. I want a laptop that's small enough that I'll take it everywhere, and cheap enough that I'll be willing to take it everywhere. I also want a desktop that's powerful enough to do some occasional gaming, that I can make piecemeal upgrades to as my budget allows.

    Apple made quite clear that they aren't interested in small, cheap laptops. Sure, I could buy a Macbook Pro and get a laptop with plenty of power, but for less money, I can buy a desktop with even more power, and have enough left over to buy a cheap netbook that will do everything I'm likely to want to do on the road.
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    PC, win7/Ubuntu. I don't see the mac hype.

    There are four companies I hate in this world... Apple, Sony, ATT and TimeWarner. Unfortunately I have to deal with 2 of those companies, one for internet and one for high def movies.
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    So, I can buy an HP Envy for 1k or a Macbook for 2k. Mmm... I don't think I can afford 2k for a laptop unless it is given to me as a gift. So, I'll probably buy an HP Envy.
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    I use a Macbook Pro 17"
    But I still use windows through Parallels for select programs.
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