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    I will continue to use Apple laptops (currently have a 15" MacBook Pro Core i7 dual-booting 10.6.7 and Windows 7 Professional) until the platform becomes as locked down as iOS, which it inevitably will at some point.
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    oddly enough I like both but for different reason - I use the pc for games, ect and love the mac for doing other stuff. If I had to choose between the two though I would have to go for mac, one of the reasons definitely being the brilliant customer service - so much better than hp's maze of a customer service.
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    PC notebook (HP) running Windows 7. Netbook running Windows 7 starter.
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    At work I use a Windows XP machine (changing to W7 in two weeks). I administrate about 150 PC's and 11 Macs and 4 ipads as a part of my job.
    Home I work on a Mac Pro and my HTPC (W7) Media Center which is a Dell with a KVM switch between both.
    I love'd my Pre but it needs to be replaced, although I qualify for a Pre 2, with discount, I think I am waiting for Pre 3. I have an ATT iPad 1 which I really enjoy, and a iPad 2 on order.

    The integration of apps with the ipad may have me going to buy a 14 day trial on iphone 4. I didn't like the iphone my first time around but most of that had to with ATT. I MUCH prefer Webos to ios but again, integrated apps are hard to pass up.

    I am open to trying a Touchpad when it comes out, but the Key factor for me is number of apps available, so it may be a delayed consideration for me.

    I guess I am bi-os
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    I use a MacBook Pro that dual boots OS X and Linux (Crunchbang).

    For me, it's all about physical build quality. Before this machine I had a massive Toshibas laptop that just fell apart on me. Keys came flying off, random shutdowns, hinge became overly loose, etc... After that, I decided that having a machine that won't break apart mechanically is my top priority. I have yet to see a mainstream PC laptop that can match Apple in this domain.

    Since I don't do all that much gaming, there just isn't a high priority to run Windows on the machine. OS X works very well and is painless to use. If I want to play around a bit and work in a lightning fast environment, I switch to Crunchbang.

    I find that people put too much stock in what OS they use on their computers. It really is just a means to an end. It kind of boils down to "different strokes for different folks".
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    I use a PC.

    Why? it's cheaper to buy, cheaper to repair and i can find a lot more software free.

    I however will consider a mac book pro for my next laptop. I used Apples for many years through out the 80s and in college. They are better now then then. Apple makes great products though pricey. But i am far from philosophically anti Apple. the mac vs pc sort of war isn't something i find interesting to engage in.
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    MacBook Pro & iMac. I made the change after I had been a loyal Dell customer for about 15 years. When they changed their customer & technical support to India...I had paid for a 4 year warrant & next day service--after a month and countless hours on the phone, and my notebook still not being fixed, I said "No mas!"

    It has been 3 years now. Apple certainly isn't perfect as I have had more than my share of problems, particularly w/my MacBook Pro, but it has either been the fixed same day at my local Apple store or shipped off next Day FedEx to California (twice) & fixed immediately.

    Not perfect, but very good customer service.
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    Late 2007 Macbook and iMac. Both were given to me by family members, and although I love Mac for when I'm making pretty pictures in Photosoup, I use Winderp for just about everthing else, via BootCamp. Sometimes I'll feel pretty geeky though and I'll bust out my Ubuntu disc.
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    I've had a foot in both camps but I've never understood the fandom from both sides. Right now I primarily use a self built Windows 7 desktop that I love. I do very graphic intensive work and this thing works as well if not better then my recently broken down macbook pro which I'll miss but I'm not gonna replace it anytime soon.

    Since MS is really a software company, I enjoy being able to custom make the hardware that runs it which I had never done before. Apple makes outstanding computers and I'm sure I'll get one again because they have been a part of my life for decades but right now I'm enjoying being the master of my computer. I'm thinking of adding a blue ray drive and updating my graphics card. That's not really an option if you own a mac. With Linux or Windows, you actually get ownership of the machine too.

    Granted building your own computer is not consumer friendly. Macs are better right out of the box because Apple controls everything. You have to tinker with a typical HP or Dell PC to get it how you want it and I always hated that. I also find that of my less computer literate friends, the ones with macs have fewer issues and or questions. I think both platforms are fine and come with their advanatges and trade offs.
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    "... but I've never understood the fandom from both sides. "

    Simply put, this is the best answer to the posed question.

    Fanboyism != Tech Savy
    Avatars.... <hrumpphh> I guess, since all the cool kids are doing it.
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    im running a legal copy of 10.6 on my PC
    tried it when the first x86 hacks were available and after 10.6 was polished up for installation on PCs i got a copy at my local gravis store and installed that. I have to say i really like it. XP is still installed on another parition but its booted only a few times in a month for some applications which are only available on Windows or need a direct hardware access that wouldnt work with a emu.

    Im still planning to buy a macbook in the future but i really dont have the money currently for it. And they are so pricey compared to the PC parts i needed to build a fully working stable osx86 machine (like 200€)

    Oh and i have linux running on my netbook
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    I've got 5 machines around here with various flavors of Windows and 1 Ubuntu but OSX no where to be found. :S

    Seriously though I've been building my own machines since the early 90's and that flexibility to have EXACTLY what I want in the box, and not settle for what a manufacturer thinks I should have (or what was the cheapest) means that I have had a basically trouble free computing experience. My old coding motto is "garbage in, garbage out" and if you put cheap\crap hardware on Windows OS, you are inevitably going to have problems. Because I always hand picked my components and was sure to avoid the crap ones, I had few issues.

    I used Apple II\IIe's in school and later PowerPC's in college (was a GD major) and hated every semester. Then later on an iMac or two (I have never wanted to POUND an object as much as the "one button mouse" .)

    Back then, not being able to add\remove parts from a Mac killed all hope for me. Well that and the fact that 1/2 of a shelf had Mac software and the next 10 shelves had Win s/w. Plus I'm a gamer (not hardcore anymore) and that really forced my hand on which platform to use.

    So yeah.... "I'm A PC" and Windows 7 was my idea.
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    PC. I service both, and while Mac is "different" I don't see it as better. It's all about what you're used to. As for build quality... you get what you pay for. If I wanted to spend $2500 on a laptop (and I most assuredly do NOT) I'm sure I could find a really nice, solidly built one that runs Windows.

    Personally, I don't need a laptop. Give me a sub $300 netbook and I'll be able to do what I need to do just fine. Mac have any netbooks? Let's see.. Macbook Air for $1000 or a Lenovo Ideapad S10 for $250... Decisions, decisions.
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    For me, Apple Mac all the way. I've loved the UI ever since my Macintosh 128K twenty-seven years ago. I'm been a Palm fan since the late 90's, and I like how the company returned to the vertical integration model (hardware and software paired together) that Apple has long followed. Hopefully hp will stay true to it even for smartphones. I do appreciate how webOS is a tinkerer's dream, an attribute that I'm sure Windows fans like when it comes to all the hardware choices out there for that platform. I suspect that webOS lovers have gotten creative in pushing the OS and hardware to its limits due to the slow pace that Palm then hp has developed the OS through the 1.x and 2.x versions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    I've never understood the fandom from both sides.
    Hell i don't get it with cellphones either personally. The most surprising though was fandom on the sprint facebook site. I didn't even know cellphone companies had it's fan evangelists. But there they were. Seemed kinda like being a fan of the local power company to me.
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    Apple is for people who are computer illiterate.
    An Iphone walks into a bar with a Palm Pre on it's shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, "Hey, that's pretty cool, where can I get one of those?" and the Palm Pre says "Hipstertown, they're all over the place"
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    Quote Originally Posted by badhairguy View Post
    Apple is for people who are computer illiterate.
    Tell that to my terminal window.
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    Ha! Nice.

    Steve Jobs is computer illiterate?

    I was a PC user, with the customization, price, and software availability arguments behind me. A Mac user showed me the differences (heīs NOT illiterate; music and video production, programming, and web development all on Apple). Now my only argument was money... and then, I had to ask... Did I spend $1500 last year that I canīt account for? Yes, and I think we all did. Candy bars, sodas, coffee, fast food, silly impulse purchases, music downloads...) Now, if I could pay it off interest free over a yearīs time, would it really then be an argument?

    Android is super customizable too... and ugly. To me, the Palm concept is much more Apple-like than MS like. Google is the new MS. Yuck.
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    Mac is an OK platform. There's nothing you can do on a PC that a Mac in and of itself can't do... Except for letting you right-click something. Or run Flash well. Or anything else Steve doesn't want you to do because it would debase the holy, ever-different Mac and make it just another profane PC. But in reality, none of that is a shortcoming of the Mac OS itself - it's just Lord Steve being unable to get over himself.

    Mac used to be a bit prettier than Windows. That hasn't been true for a while.

    At this point, I feel it's a matter of pure subjective UI / hardware preference (aesthetics rather than functionality), having the programs you require (mostly games though, these days) and - in the case of easily 50% of Mac users I've known - desperately wanting to appear aloof and intellectual... Separate from and hovering above the unwashed proles and their mundane windows.

    As for myself... Yeah, Mac OS 10 is pretty nice. So is Windows VII (see what I did there?). So, as a matter of fact, is Ubuntu... Although there are those who think Gnome is ugly and KDE sucks. No accounting for taste there is, young Jedi.

    There's nothing a Macintosh (even if it doesn't want to be called by its full name anymore, "just call me Mac") can do that my Windows and Linux boxen can't... except requiring me to use two hands in order to right-click something, or forcing me to pretend as if I didn't even want flash in the first place in order not to lose face.

    A new Windows box is way cheaper than a new Mac box with the same hardware; Ubuntu is entirely free of charge beyond the hardware itself.

    As a result, even if I wasn't ideologically opposed to the monotheistic cult of Apple - an argument as intangible and yet valid as the aesthetic preferences of those that like Mac - Apple provides me with nothing tangible to persuade me to get a Mac. So one's necessity I sing, a single separate person, yet use the OS democratic, the computer en-masse. (and +100 internet points for whoever gets the reference).
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    Excellent post. I 100% agree with all of it, even the inflammatory third paragraph. Very true observation, IMO. Reminds me of the "Iceland" spoof ad and the "switch to Mac" spoof ads that followed. And I'll be collecting my 100 Internet points, Mr. Whitman.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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