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    Hello, I intend to create a post that hopefully sparks some conversation and might end with me having gained some knowledge.

    I loved my Pre but hated it's hardware. Oreo was the problem really, the phone felt cheap because of the slider mechanism. It seems that they should have just used the EXACT same slider mechanism on both sides, it seemed the one side with the smaller clip was always the one that it would sway to. As a result, I bought an Evo.

    I love my Evo, it's very customizable like the Pre was and has a good deal of apps. When i think about going back to the Pre that's what bothers me the most really, the thought of going back to so few Apps (they do matter in today's world sadly).

    So, without a doubt I intend to buy a Touch Pad. The hardware seems solid and WebOS is finally going to be on the screen size it should have been form the start (THANK CHRIST). And a Tablet being like a media consumption device, as long as it has netflix, flash, and a good browser I will be more than content. It will replace my laptop for bedside browsing and if the apps come around will be my note taking device for classes at times (once again the apps problem).

    But, I want to have the interconnectivity of the Pre phone and tablet. It seems the tablet will be gimped in some respects without the phone... so I ask you all. HONESTLY, should my next purchase be the Evo 3D or the Pre 3? The Evo 3D may seem like a gimmick but realistically I'll probably just disable the 3D. It has a dedicated camera button which is amazing, especially since it's sensor is going to allow it to replace a point and shoot camera. The OS is still going to be Android (so not that pretty and clunky at times) but the hardware should help with that.

    The Pre's OS will always be amazing and highly usable. I love it. With the bumped specs it won't bog down anymore and will probably be able to multitask like a monster. But... the apps won't be there. Neither will the developer support (for the most part).

    So... what do I do? It's a hard choice I have ahead of me and I want some input now so I can really start thinking about it, like most of you all should be!

    Thanks for any input Precentral!

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    If your original issue with the Pre was apps, how will the touchpad and Pre3 solve that? Are you expecting amazing new apps? What apps do you need and use.

    This is a question you can only yourself answer but if you are relying on apps then you better have patience.
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    you say apps "matter in today's world sadly"... I don't get it, either they do, or they don't. why is it "sad" that apps matter? obviously they mean something to you, or else you wouldn't be hesitant on coming back.

    What's sad is HP has been slow on getting developers on board to strengthen webOS's appeal. it's not hundreds of thousands of apps that matter.. it's the key apps. Luckily for me most of what I feel is missing, for me, is mostly a cool factor. In the end, it's form factor that will likely win out for me (unless HP doesn't sign with Sprint... then I'll just bite the bullet).
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    Easy, go with the Evo. Go with the sure thing, instead of betting that the Pre would get the apps you want.
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    I would wait a bit, and see what happens with the Veer. Also, the Veer looks to be a pretty decent piece of hardware. Not the same killer hardware as the Pre3, but nice and small and quite fast. With a tablet who cares if the phone is a bit small, right?

    I think that once the Veer is out there will be some additional developer action happening. HP knows that apps sell phones. This is a big part of why Apple is where they are. HP has their VP for developers talking the talk. So wait until that phone is out and see what happens.

    What apps specifically are you not finding for webOS? Sure the app catalog is small comparatively, but there are some really solid apps out there. If you want your choice of 26 different fart apps though, you're out of luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickVTPre View Post
    I would wait a bit, and see what happens with the Veer. Also, the Veer looks to be a pretty decent piece of hardware. Not the same killer hardware as the Pre3, but nice and small and quite fast. With a tablet who cares if the phone is a bit small, right?
    actually, even without a tablet, the veer is attractive to me... I like small phones. I'd have to try out the keyboard before making any solid opinions, but I really just need my phone for calendering, email, chat, gps(actually, I'd be fine w/ preloaded google maps, heh), and mild entertainment here and there.

    it's why i've stuck w/ webOS since day 1. though, the veer will not be in my future because i also just happened to jump to sprint to save money on data, heh.
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    The question for you is not whether apps are important in today's world, but how important the apps are to you. Do you have all the apps you need? If not, will mobile browser versions of, for example, your bank be enough?

    Also, the Pre 2 already multitasks like a monster. The Pre 3 just introduces a bigger screen. If I were you and definitely set on getting a Touchpad, I would get a Pre 3.

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