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    I am having 2 issues with my VZW Pre+ on 1.45:
    1. Retrieving email text/unable to download message
    2. Unable to send or receive text messages from certain contacts due to their number not being in contacts at the time messages was either received or was texted.

    Is there some way for an ap to search the PalmDatabase.db3 for corruption in the files/data causing the problem in 1 to correct? Or a way to find the corrupted entries in 2 to repair or delete these entries?

    I am having no luck trying to edit the PalmDatabase.db3 file to look for the entries in 2, and wish I didn't even have to. Such a weird problem to have. I can't understand why erasing my phone is the only option with these issues. I know that restoring things like text messages would be a problem on other phones too. But I don't want to lose them everytime something corrupts a part of the phone, since you can't restore just them when you restore from Pre Backup because it will bring the corruption back.
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    No thoughts on this? 1.45 = Left behind...
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