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    I currently have an android phone but i'm starting to get the 6 month itch about getting a new gadget. i have had several palm devices in the past and enjoyed them all. I played around with a friends palm pre (may 2010) and i liked the keyboard, card system and slider mechanism. I do have some questions some about webOS that i was hoping someone could address.

    1) How seamless are the google services integrated? i am well entrenched into gmail, google calendar and google voice. do this work well on webOS?

    2) The calendar i used last may didn't have an agenda view. Is this still the case? Also, can you place calls from numbers hyperlinked in an event?

    3) the app catalog for webOS is significantly smaller than other devices (not having 47,000 note taking apps isn't necessarily a bad thing). i know the number of apps is growing every day but it is a problem finding useful apps?
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    1. Gmail and calendar work fine. There is a google voice app, but I've never used it.

    2. There is an agenda view in exhibition but it's pretty basic.

    3. I would say there's enough for most people. You can search via central to see if its got everything you need.

    the Pre 2 is very good, but you might consider waiting for the Pre3
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    Welcome (almost)!

    1. I can answer part of that. Gmail & Google Calendar are fully integrated. Gmail syncs all of your contacts & interfaces directly with your email app with synergy. Other than adding the account, there's no effort whatsoever. I am a huge fan of Google Calendar, but on the Pre, you'll want (IMO) to download Uber Calendar to improve color code customization & some additional views. You can read up on that in it's primary thread.

    I do not use Google Voice, so I can't speak to that.

    2. I'm pretty sure the Uber Calendar patch in PreWare gets you there, but if someone knows better, please chime in. In Uber I have Day, Week, & Month views. To advance to the next day or go back, you just swipe left or right. It's really about as easy as it gets.

    3. I don't have any problems, and the only shortcomings I really notice are people who are very specific or use very niche apps. Not to say that there aren't some that ARE missing, but all in all, I don't think there's a ton you would miss.

    So many of the standard app types are done very well in webOS & some are best in class despite the low market share. Aside from lack of flash support for anything south of 2.0, I have zero issues, and I'm a heavy app user. I currently have 111 packages installed.

    I will say, if there are specific apps that you absolutely have to have, then weigh that first. For instance, one of my closest friends who is an attorney ditched his iPhone for an AT&T Pre Plus. Hands down he says it's the best phone he's ever owned. That said, he is probably going to have to ditch it for something else b/c the developers of some of the legal apps he needs won't give in to his badgering to make their apps webOS compatible. That might change in the future with HP, it might not. My point here is that for the average user, the app catalog count is misleadingly small & has very few shortcomings.

    Hope you jump on webOS. I'm a huge fan & we have a very diverse family of devices in our home. With that in mind, webOS is the favorite. Cheers!

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