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    Buisness Insider Article

    Couple interesting nuggets from the above article:
    In the "also ran" category, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 did nothing to stop its decline, which fell from 9% to 7.7%. And Palm, which is barely worth mentioning anymore, fell another point to 2.8%.
    Indicates to me that people outside of HP and P|C are not as hopeful for a webos resurgence... but I think we already knew this.

    Importantly, it's not a question of which platform is "better." (This is irrelevant.) It's a question of which platform everyone else uses. And increasingly, in the smartphone market, barring a radical change in trend, that's Android.
    This is more troubling. The argument for webos is how much better the experience is and I wholeheartedly agree. I've tried android and ios and I find myself quickly missing the multitasking, gestures and general layout. But in reality, none of this matters. Android is well on its way to that tipping point where it becomes the de facto standard and it doesn't matter that it doesn't elegantly multitask, the fragmentation, various hardware issues, or that it just feels clunky at times. It's starting to look more and more like a windows vs mac, VHS vs beta-max, blueray vs HD, etc situation which makes me worry about webos's future.

    But then again, I'm more of a glass-half-empty guy, so hopefully my worries are for nothing
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    We'll see prepaid android phones on the checkout aisle quick buy racks at Walgreens before the Pre3 goes up for preorder.

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