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    I work for a fortune 50 company and our company IT department just announced they are removing support of Palm devices for access to EAS mail server.

    This is bad news for HP, and me! I was looking forward to the pre3 and the touch pad, but that's a no-go if I can't get it through work with email.

    HP's got some lobbying to do with the "Enterprise customers".

    They just lost a lot of pre3 and touchpad sales.
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    Are you sure that they weren't talking about PalmOS.
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    Who knows, but IT groups slighting anything Palm or HP can't be good for HP. No support means no integration and their recommendation to buy RIM, WP7, Android, and IOS (in that order). Amazing how many IT groups like RIM. Yikes...have they used those phones lately? Sorli...
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    A lot of corporate IT like RIM because BES is still better at allowing centralized control over the phones. When, say, you have to make sure your coaches aren't making illegal side deals to bring athletes into the program, being able to watch the texting traffic is valuable.

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    My Fortune 100 company is also in the process of dropping Palm support.

    And in our case, that is PalmOS. (webOS is already supported )

    Maybe you should ask your local admin whether it's PalmOS they're dropping. More likely than not, his answer is going to be "I just said Palm, doofus. What else would I mean if not PalmOS?".
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    active sync does not care what device brand talks the protocol. i suspect it to be some proprietary palmos support thats dropped.

    webos supports eas and as long as they dont drop it i ll work except for a company installs a mechanism that explicitely excludes certain devices by what they identify to be.
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    Our IT dropped PalmOS support as well....
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    PalmOS is dropped only four years after Palm stopped developing it? I'm jumping ship because this past performance indicates the future under HP!

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