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    My 2 year old daughters aware of how to press the gesture button & how to throw a card away. I told her press this and throw it away. If I give her the phone she goes thru games/apps and opens/closes them. Its fun to watch her, any other young webOS users in the making?

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    My daughter turned 3 today and she has been swiping cards off the screen for the past year or so. She will come up to me daily asking to play angry birds. She too knows how to search for the games she wants to play and will sit there and play them. Games like Redneck vs. Aliens, Angry Birds, NFSU, Let's Golf and many others that I have installed. It is amazing to see how easy it is too pick up webOS.
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    Perhaps we can compile videos for a new marketing campaign w/ 2 year olds and say "easy enough for a kid" lol. (not realistic, but funny).
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    I was thinking the same thing. My 2 yr old is a multitasking champ!
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    Confused the hell out of my friend who has an iphone lol
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    My girls are 6 & 10 and they have been playing on mine & my wifes phones for over a yr. They are both a wiz @ getting around in webOS. It's amazing how easy it is to pick up on.
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    My (almost) 2 year old knows some gestures. For instance, she knows how to swipe through pictures in the Photos app.
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    The most my 1yr old nephew can do is open the hypnotoad app (it's on the launcher), and press the screen to stop the sound, and press the screen again to start the sound back up.

    Of course, it's like 5 minutes of giggling in between each press. Haha.
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    That must be very educational for your nephALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
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    just set the camcorder up to record my almost 2.5yr old opening multiple games on the pixi, switching between them, then closing. Maybe I'll throw it online somewhere.

    "true multi-tasking, made simple enough for a 2 year old!"
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    If you think that is good, how about a 4 year old racking up over $60 in In-App Purchases on an iPad: Credit Card Bait In-App Purchases Worries Parents - Techland -
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    hahahaha that's why I don't have a CC on file with my palm profile!

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