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    So I didn't buy into the whole veer phone idea. I have a pre, I want a Pre 3 because my Pre is the center of my universe, until two weeks ago.

    I bought a Xoom. Now before the faithful condemn me, I will be buying a Touchpad the day I can pre-order it. The xoom will go to my wife or daughter. I just wanted to get an idea of how much I would really use a tablet in my day to day life and didn't want to wait until June(ish).

    Now two weeks later, I'm hooked. I use the tablet a lot, all day every day. It is my primary device for email, calendar, reading, tasks, and so many other things. I still do my work on my laptop, but my xoom for everything else.

    I have stopped using my phone for a lot of what I used to. Don't get me wrong I still love it, and there are thngs about the xoom that DRIVE ME NUTS. But I can now see that once I have a touchpad, I won't need the pre 3 like I did before, I could happily live with a veer. My phone will again, be a phone.

    So HP, my hats off to ya, I think you might have gotten this one right, and I'm sorry for doubting you.
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    good that some others are finally seeing what their objective is.

    hp and palm are differentiating themselves from the others in the market. They are building a core ecosystem
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    what do you carry the Xoom with when you travel? interested in how people, well more so men, keep a tablet with them and accessible at nearly all times of the day...
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    I just use the Motorola cover that you can buy with it. No different to me than carrying a book or a kindle. As as its black it always seems to match what I'm wearing.
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    Have to say that I totally agree with the OP. I'm going to be down-/side-grading to a Veer when it comes out (from my Pre2) and using the Touchpad for everything else.

    Really lovely combination (especially if the Veer gets the same level of integration as the Pre3 with SMS, touch to share, and call handling, etc...).

    Veer FTW!
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    What the OP says makes sense so long as you are on a GSM network since Veer is only GSM, that means no Sprint, no Verizon and no Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania.

    One area where I am seeing tablets everywhere is at our state capital. It is so much easier reading and showing documents back and forth on a tablet than on a laptop. Everybody I see has one and if you are going to be carrying a tablet around anyway, the need for a huge phone does decrease quite a bit.
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    Yea I actually can totally see having the veer and a touch pad but I am still holding out for a pre3 on sprint so unless they make a cdma veer itll be a pre3 and maybe a touch pad. I love the ecosystem plan, but it only works if everything is available to everyone.
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    I think that will be even more true when the 7" tablet comes out. There will be plenty of circumstances in which I will be unwilling to carry a 10" tablet.

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