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    HP should force/animate developers to downscale apps or they should use some of their devs to downscale apps. I am one of the potentional veer buyers, because it is small and fast (seen in videos on the internet). At the moment i have a pixi, which i would change for the veer because of webos 2.0, but at the moment i often find myself lost in the app catalog, because the app is just for the pre resolution.
    why build a scaleable os, when the apps aren&t?
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    Enyo is supposed to make scaling easy for native apps, what happens with PDK remains to be seen, but at the end of the day, if more people are buying the Pre3 instead of the Veer, devs are going to put the Pre3 first. Some devs cross-develop for iPhone and Android where the resolution is the same or bigger, so having to switch design for something smaller requires UI reworking.

    That said, I agree. Not so much that they should downscale, but they need to understand this is a slider with a portrait keyboard, not a slab, and stop sticking buttons at the top of the screen.
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    It all depends on the app. Some are very easy to incorporate scaling, others are not.

    For example, and app that can be boiled down to a basic, typical list scales on it's own when you are talking about Pre vs. pixi. Pre 3 on the other hand has a different DPI and will require some planning unless you opt for the phone to just scale up images for you.

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