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    I had my pixi plus with preware installed and then today I was in quick install and saw a new app I wanted so I clicked download. The dang thing was downloading/installing for over 20 minutes so I just unplugged my phone. When doing this it made it so preware got an error message when loading sources and it wouldn't even load any apps or themes or anthing when I opened it even after a restart. So I plugged my phone in to woqi and tried downloading preware. But it still wouldn't work. I have my phone in DEV mode and have the phone set to USB drive mode. Any help?
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    you shouldn't be in USB mode.
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    Cantaffordit is right. Just plug in your Pre into your computer, and select Just Charge. WOSQI doesn't work when your device is in USB Mode.

    Be sure to report back if you have any further issues.

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