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    Simple question, I'm just curious.

    For me, it was actually the display. I saw early renders and thought the top bar was actually part of the bezel! So I was all "Oh, cool!" So I eventually got one, but by this point I just loved every bit of it.
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    <title modified>

    I needed the excellent contact management and calendar that I had on my Centro, and to continue Outlook sync. And I wanted to move up to 3G tethering.

    At that time Android couldn't handle that list. I haven't looked back since.
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    I was a loyal palm guy and just kept getting the latest model. So I didn't choose it, Palm gave it to me, and I am glad they did.
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    What attracted me to webos (when I had a webos device) was the visual task switcher, and how easy you could patch the device to do certain things and make your device different from everyone else. Of course my opinion has changed now, but that was my initial reasoning for getting a webos device a year and a half ago.
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    I also am impressed with the simplicity of switching back and forth from open apps, and how simple it was for minimizing and closing apps.
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    The Palm name made me take my 1st look. webOS pretty much did the rest: the cards, the gestures, the notifications--just a pleasure to use. Pre Central and some of the developers really helped, but early on, the guy who wrote Tips & Tricks of the Palm Pre..I learned so much as it went from 1 or 2 pages to about 5 pages, but so much easier than any other summary.
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    multitasking (cards) and a keyboard, but more then anything I actually just wanted a "Palm" phone,
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    What attracted me to the Pre was multitasking, TS charger and a real keyboard. Almost 2 years later I still have my original Pre and still love webOS, best OS in the industry IMO.
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    I've always been a fan of Palm & when I got webOS in my hands it was over. It just makes sense. Android was not very good @ the time and iOS was never an option (to many restrictions) so I bought one for myself & my wife. A yr & a half later we bith still love our phones & webOS. Neither of us even get on the computer to much anymore with the capabilities of webOS it isn't needed to much.
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    I was sick of iOS with my iPod touch and all my friends had G1's, which were ugly as sin. That left webOS.
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    The fact that I couldn't afford an iPhone, there were zero decent Android phones on AT&T, and the fact that webOS right from the getgo looked underrated, underappreciated, and powerful.
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    cheap sprint plan. now all the unique webos features keep me on.
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    I had a HTC Sprint Diamond that had died due to water damage and was looking for a new phone. As it turned out there was this beastly phone coming to my carrier a month later. So what do I do? I watch every single video out there on it. I practically knew my Pre before I even held it for the first time and sense then, I have fell in love. Never going back to Windows, Android, iOS. WebOS is for me.
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    i had just bought a treo pro, then went into sprint store, and was told about the pre (this was a few days after CES). looked it up and watched the presentation by Ruby. i was all but sold just on the appearance, then the webOS demo sealed the deal for me. the whole "riverstone" vibe seemed really unique to me, i hadnt seen a phone like it. the way the screen just disappeared inside this black rock when turned off was pretty amazing to me. Gesture bar was also very unique IMO.

    So at the end of june, i sold the treo pro to a friend, and bought the phone w/o commitment. Unfortunately this really attractive phone became known for hardware problems. webOS had a rough start, but it only got better. i too will stick with webOS for as long as its available, and as long as it stays close to its roots.

    P.S. the pre and this community also turned me into a complete phone geek...........for this relief, much thanks.
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    Physical keyboard
    Touchstone charger
    It was a Palm
    Classic for compatibility with old apps
    It was on Sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike5 View Post
    ... Pre Central and some of the developers really helped, but early on, the guy who wrote Tips & Tricks of the Palm Pre..I learned so much as it went from 1 or 2 pages to about 5 pages, but so much easier than any other summary.
    Thanks for the shout out! You made my day.
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    it was something different and new from sprint. I had an htc touch before hand and got me a pre when it was released and still rockn my phone. LOVE webos hopefully they release a 4'' slab that's 4G!!
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    Been a Palm user for a number of years and it simply made since to dive in with my Pre- a few years ago. Love my Pre and been very pleased with my choice. Looking forward to a larger screen, faster processor, and new features coming to both phones and tablets. Sorli...
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    I got an iPod Touch a few years back, so over time I became acquainted with iOS and it's limitations. When I started thinking about smartphones I knew I didn't want an iPhone. But I didn't like the feel of the Android devices that were coming into the market even though they were more open than iOS. Then I took note of webOS and started following it's progress (and sometimes lack thereof). The Pixi I picked up is quite nice, but I'm really excited for the new hardware this summer. It'll be sweet.
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