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    My first smart phone was a Palm Centro. Before that, I just had feature phones. I fell in love with the Centro and it got me hooked on the Palm name. When I heard about the Palm Pre, of course I wanted it. The only problem, I was on AT&T at the time. But in the end I got my Pre Plus when I switched to Verizon and I love it even more than the Centro. Until Palm/HP stop making phones, I will forever have a Palm/HP phone.
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    LOVED my old Palm PDAs and was tired of my 3 year old Windows mobile phone.
    The Pre wowed CNET at CES, so I figured I'd give it a try.
    Mostly happy times since then.
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    looked at a pre in an O2 shop (which i loved) and webOS kept on getting positive posts about it.

    when i saw a pre plus was going for 180 off contract (on either engadget or gizmodo) i practically jumped at the chance. then i found out about preware and precentral and webos internals...... Got pre plus for my birthday, preware came 3 days later
    i knew more about it than the guy selling it to me XD

    oh, and i had to pretty much search the whole county to find a shop that actually had the phone, and they only had 1 in stock as well
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    The simplicity of the UI, the ability to multitask in a way that is more visually representative of how one works. I had the Android and couldn't bear with it's implementation of multitask. The iPhone had its own version of multitask which was proprietary (at that time) to its own apps. WebOS won.
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