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    Probably in the minority here, but what attracted me to WebOS was the hardware. I have a Pixi. I'm a diehard bar/keyboard fan, and at the time, it was the only option on Sprint that wasn't a BlackBerry. Actually, I think it still is.
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    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    First heard about the Pre in spring 2009 after my father told me about how it was supposed to be the "iPhone killer."
    I liked its multitasking, gestures, and overall nice UI.
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    Overall super-nice interface
    Easy Multitasking
    Physical keyboard
    Intuitive Multitasking
    Touchstone (gimmicky, but so's voice control and that iris display or whatchamacallit)
    Effortless Multitasking

    ...did I mention multitasking yet?
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    QWERTY....and it wasn't an iphone.
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    I was looking for a new phone. I have an allergy to Apple and the new WM is not to my liking yet. So it was Android or something else.
    And then we met. The webOS, the unsung hero of the OSs, the underdog with no future in the market share. Love at first sight.
    And a qwerty keyboard.
    I hope this love story ends well.
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    I loved the look and way it multitasked. The UI was top notch
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    Never had a Palm device before.
    Was looking for my first smartphone for a while.
    Didn't like the restrictive mindset behind IPhone and haven't bought into ITunes.

    I was about to decide to get an Android phone when I saw the famous CES video. Nice UI, well done multi-tasking. Loved the easy gestures instead of buttons. The unrestricted openness of the system was a big plus.
    Decided to wait for the Pre and got it on german launch day.
    Still happy with it.

    Looking forward to the Pre3.
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    My iPhone 3 was dying, and as I was about to rush out and upgrade to the 4, "antenna gate" hit. So I stopped and thought about the whole Apple ecosystem, and wondered if there was something better...I have lots of criticisms of the HP/Palm phones but I think it's going in the right direction, and I'm pretty hooked on the webOS UI. There are only a few apps I haven't been able to find equivalents for on webOS (Keepass, which I'm working on porting, at least a read-only version). It would have been a LOT tougher to switch if I had the iPhone 4 though, there are some things (augmented reality) that are pretty amazing and obviously lacking on our phone. I'm willing to tough it out a bit longer; I hope the "leaked" HP slate phone photo is real, and that it hits the market this year.
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    The absolute truth? My young lady is Korean... 5'4" tall... she wanted a smart phone she could hold in her hand and actually use. We had looked at blackberries and the iphones... pretty much went to one of every carrier store and had her hold phone after phone and try to manipulate it. I dont remember if we actually saw a pre on display in the store or not... but I remember her making the decision and then sending me to stand in line outside the store on release day... I bought 3 pres and won another in a contest. I wasnt actually in the market for a new phone myself at the time, I had a Samsung Memoir that I was mostly happy with. But I got jealous on day 1 watching her play with hers... and activated one on a new line for myself after dropping Tmobile. The Pres have their faults... but I can honestly say Ive been the happiest with this phone out of all Ive had...
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    I am not yet a WebOS user, my current phone is a 3Gs. But my contract comes up in June and I have been realizing just how dependent I am on iTunes for all my stuff. I'm really interested in a smartphone that does not have to tether to a computer for updates. WebOS on a Pre 3 is sounding very good to me.
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    Underlying Linux and Physical Keyboard. Didn't really care for smartphones or the data plan associated with it back then but I wanted the ability to hack on my phone and make it the way I want and use my linux skills to make my phone do things it is not suppose to be doing. I also don't like the thought of Google having access to all my stuff, email and web searches is enough for them.
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    At the time i was looking for a new phone to replace my treo 700wx. I wanted another touchscreen phone with a physical keyboard and nearly purchased the Treo pro. While looking up information on the Treo pro i came across the pre. After i saw the CES demo i knew this was going to be my next phone. Cards and gestures had me hooked.
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    It wasn't Windows

    I have been a Palm fan for some time (I started with a Palm V) and was in the market for a smartphone (my Centro took a dive in the dog's water bowl). I liked the simplicity of the older Palm units and really liked my Centro, but wanted something a little more than what it offered. I had read a lot about WebOS and liked what I heard so when HP had them on their web site for FREE, I jumped at the offer and got two (one for me and one for the wife). Now that work will cover Palm phones, I have a Pre 2 for work and a Pre + for personal use.
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    'Twas the HP Veer to be honest. Yes, that means I don't own a webOS powered smartphone yet, but still ..
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    multitasking and synergy.
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    The fact that it wasn't Apple or Google. I'm not a fan of Apple's walled garden approach or many of their design choices. As for Google I've got a few issues with how much they've come to dominate the internet but the major reason was I wasn't too fond of the android phones out at the time.
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    Newbie who does not even have a smart phone yet. Stumbled upon this site and started devouring all I could. Knew I didn't want Apple. Honestly have not looked much at Android. Maybe I became too jaded here!
    Saving for my Pre3. Think I could be brain washed?
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    I WAS a die-hard palm fan, so the transition was natural.
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    PreCentral, Homebrew and $29 price drop on VZW
    VZW Pre Plus 2.1.0 w/SR71 running at 1.2 Ghz; VZW Pix Plus Stock.
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    Hardware keyboard and I wasn’t impressed with Android at the time. Although Android has become leaps and bounds better than it was when the Pre was first released, it still feels choppy and cold to me.
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