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    Hi guys;

    I had my frozen screen repaired for $150+ with Bell. Now I have other issues, that I'm hoping a skilled intelligent pre user can help me with.

    What I can no longer do...
    -Can't download new apps through Preware and AppCentral
    -Can't update existing apps
    -No longer able to move app icons around to other pages in launcher. When I do, It doesn't last after a system reboot!

    Please if anyone has any solutions to these problems please post them.

    Thanks to everyone who reads this post and offers solutions!!
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    are you sure they gave you back hour original phone? Are you signed in to the same profile? What version of webOS?

    what happens when you try to download an app? Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

    help us help you
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    Sometimes Sprint's insurance service just replaces the phone with a refurbished one. Its possible that you have somebody else's old refurbished Pre that has problems. I would say, take it back and demand in a ferm voice that you must get a new/better one that works.
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    I think this is a Bell issue. I just posted about a similar problem.

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