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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has webOs 2.1 on their main device.

    I know we are advised not to put it on, but I dont have a secondary device and have decided I would like 2.1. I have a Pre - which has never gave me any problems.

    Is there any major problems? I dont mind some minor ones like not as many patches etc.
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    Just back up everything if you do it. Worse case scenario is that you have to doctor back to 1.4.5. Be sure to follow the WebOS 2 wiki though. Some people have had issues with their palm profile, that's probably the biggest.
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    The main problem I had was the lag if you don't boot it every day.
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    Yup, like Ivpre said backing up your data is the first step you should take. If you do that then you'll be fine. Specifically back up your contacts, my recommendation is to make sure all your contact information is on your google account.

    Then follow the wiki:
    WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals

    webos 2.1 does have a couple annoying bugs but none of them are deal breakers. Before proceeding, I suggest reading about them here:
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    2.1 on a sprint pre- primary device and love it. i dont really have any bugs that are a problem for me. have everything i want up and running including the provisioner and sprint nav. backing up everything is key. but going up to 2.1 from 145 didnt lose anything and my profile switch over with no issues, except you do lose your launcher pager. however going back to 1.4.5 will require you to shut off your back ups and back everything up because you will lose your hard drive. happened to me when i went back to get my prl info.
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    Been using 2.1 on my Pre Plus which is my primary device. Had a slow messaging app but updating my doctor and redoctoring fixed it. MUCH better than 1.4.5.
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    Yes, I have it on my main device (only device/Sprint Pre) for about 3 weeks now. As other's have said, backup everything before you load 2.1. I've found that, with it overclocked, 2.1 is acceptable. It will have some lag at times, but if you can deal with that, then it's nice to have the new features in 2.1.

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    yeah you def will get some lag here and there. nice thing is i have never had a random restart of any kind since the switch, luna or full. even with the lag the inputs eventually catch up and everything moves along fine.
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    Thanks everyone. Not too worried about the lag, will overclock it anyway.

    Going to take the plunge now. Hope I don't mess it up now...
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    hey man let us know how it goes, im thinking about trying to do it either today or tomorrow
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    When I was talking about the lag it was with the av8b 1gHz kernel.
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    yeah mine was with f104 running at 1.1ghz. its the swap that causes the lag. nothing you can really do with a under memoried pre-
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    I went with the 2.1 simplified thread on my main Pre-.....little laggy here and there but the stacks are really good, imo and the spell checker is probably the biggest improvement for me. Not having my old 5X4 Large Icon Launcher isn't as big a deal as some made it out to be. I have so many apps, but hardly use most of them so not a huge deal. I can probably put my most used apps on 1 page....the rest ....well it's my own personal Easter App Hunt
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    When I was talking about the lag it was with the av8b 1gHz kernel.
    Yeah, and the lag I mentioned was with Uberkernel 500/1000.
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    Fallen at the first hurdle guys. when trying to open preware for some reason im getting an error. I havent changed the way im using the phone yet so dont understand the problem.
    Can anyone help?

    When i try launching it the following appears:

    http:/',ipkg_download: Error: Command failed with return value 1: 'wget --passive-ftp-1 -P/temp/ipkg-4lr8OK

    Just keeps repeating this error.
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    the preware feeds are down or at least were.
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    aw rite. So its not just mine?

    Do you have any idea when they will be back up?
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    no idea. depends on whats wrong i suppose.
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    Feeds worked here at this time so they are probably back up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graffix31 View Post
    the preware feeds are down or at least were.
    Glad I stumbled upon this ... I was just about to go to the Dr.

    I patch, unpatch, re-patch, and fool with Govnah and kernels so often that I was sure I screwed something up.
    - Bubba
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