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    The univ search on android is horrible if you have it configured for more than two diff categories.. Say people and search.. Blackberry OS 6 beats android univ search as well as webos, in its implementation..

    Switching between apps (better terminology for you ?? ) is far better than any other Os out there , on webos.. (I don't know about these supposed memory leaks that you are talking about.. I experience them maybe on occasion, but have experienced them on android ios bberry as well .. To the same degree... So keep the memory leaks out of this.. Because this isn't about leaks, leave that to the chinese to leak NDA stuff ) back to Muti App Task Switching ...

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    Thats madness. Android universal search is excellent. Press the search button. you get recent searches for what you have looked up. So everything I search before hand pops up in a list apps, contacts, etc... Now if I type "an" on my phone I get results for whatever I subject i checked in the search settings that I want to come up. Right now I have "all", "web", "apps", and "contacts". When I type in "an" i get results for my apps like "androidify" and "angry birds rio". Then I get google search for many other words beginning with "an" like "android" and "answers" etc... Then I get contacts for "angie" and "angela" that show up in my contacts. Doesn't sound bad to me. I think google executes this very well. And don't get me started on Voice actions....

    I just said in a post above that Webos has a excellent task switcher. But if anyone was to say Webos has excellent multitasking they would be streching the truth. Webos memory management is HORRIBLE! Too many cards ring a bell. Only having 1 card open and getting the message is just inexcusable. Just look how much memory the music player takes up on Webos, and look how much time maps take to open up and how much of a memory hog it is. You rarely find this on Android. And when you do, its probably some third party developer that isn't very good at developing or an alpha app. But with webos you have stock apps, apps that came with the phone slowing you down to a pulp. That is inexcusable.

    (To mods, my top post is a little off topic, but it was just a reply to sketch.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by japomani View Post
    Perhaps I am wrong, but here a scenario that is common for to me but I can't imagine how to do it on another os: I get some information that is complex, like an address or phone number etc. from one app, say email or a web page or messaging, I need to put that information into another app, say notes, phone, message, etc. So I minimize one app, slide it half way over so I can see both apps, read a bit of what I am copying and then going back to the first app to type in as much as i can remember, with out ever actually activating the second app! Now that is convenient and I am sure it can't be done with the others
    On Android there's a couple of options. Say you in the messaging app and you want to copy the number so you can use it in the phone app. Just copy the number out the message open the phone app and paste the number on the phone dialer.

    Also there are many apps that make the task switching look like webos, or make it so you can see the app while switching task.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    sometimes I am on the phone where I need to enter information that is stored in contact notes and with advanced gestures it is very easy to look and enter numbers in dialpad
    Not sure about ios, but in Android when your in the contacts, you just press on the pic/pic spot and the number will go to the dialpad. I believe that is what your trying to say.
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    We need to stay on topic.. We all know what the OP meant with multi tasking regardless of your definition.. This isn't about android.. This is about how marketing MULTI TASKING is either good or bad.. Does the end user care or not.. Your bias against webos shows.. Read my posts I have defended Bb android and webos as well as wp7 .. Never really got into ios.. I use all these phones on a regular basis, webos is my preference but that is not what the OP is talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    Not sure about ios, but in Android when your in the contacts, you just press on the pic/pic spot and the number will go to the dialpad. I believe that is what your trying to say.
    It's not about copying the number, it's about looking at it
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    The OP is offline.
    We'll give this a breather.

    Thanks for keeping it civil, guys.
    Just call me Berd.
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