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    AppCat still seems to be down. ALL downloads failing including updates and new DL's. ***? Tried to buy that new space shooter. Charged the 4 bucks but unable to DL. Anyone have any news? I gotta email hp when I get to a real pc.
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    Not sure. I'm having no issues downloading apps. This is really strange...
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    yeah, the phone functions normally in all other actions. The only thing malfunctioning is the appcat.
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    I can't even see the apps, just a bunch of blank placeholders for the featured apps and categories are empty. (EU Pre)
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    I just bought Angry Birds Rio, which worked... but now I got a mail that the payment didn't work... strange... (German O2 Pre)
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    got on the phone with palm tech support. Problem is with Bell (what a shock). DL's work over wifi only until palm gets them to fix it. BELL SUCKS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prequan View Post
    today I have 3 apps that won't update.
    it says "Download Failed". I also just tried to download a new, free app. It also says "Download Failed". I'm in Canada on Bell. I wonder if that ha something to do with it. Anyone else having this problem in Canada?

    Yes I am too. Bell. Exactly the same issue. Works on Wifi but not on cell data.
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    This made my day! It showed me the currency of my country which is not currently supported in the App Catalog. Signs that the App catalog will open up soon?
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