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    to make a long story short, I re-bought a pre plus after about a year of trying other devices. I went to download angry birds and nothing was coming up for it in the app catalog. I clicked on a google link for angry birds for palm. I got redirected to the app catalog and was greeted with "you cannot download the app with your current os. Please use the update application to update your os". I run the update application and it says I have updates for applications but nothing about an os update. I can live without angry birds I just want to make sure I have the latest official update. I'm running a palm pre plus on att with webos 1.4.5. I tried with both a freshly wiped phone and with patches/homebrew apps installed with the same result. Any insight is very much appriciated. Thank you
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    with 1.4.5 it should be there.
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    Hm, interesting. Have you tried meta-doctoring it to 2.1?
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