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    OK, I bit the bullet and subscribed to Rhapsody last month, hoping since I would soon have Flash up and running on my pre that it would work.

    Well, the regular site loads up, and acts like it wants to work, but the songs never load.

    Now the NEW Rhapsody at welcome: rhapsody is NOT Flash. From what I can tell by looking at the source, it actually looks like AJAX.

    After looking through the code again, not a mention of Flash, lots of Javascript and CSS, I see no reason why it shouldn't work.

    HOWEVER, when I go to the site and login, it works just as it would on my computer, until I go to play a song. The album cover photo loads, the playlist loads up, but when it comes time to play a song, I just get "Connecting" for eternity, never to load anything, which oddly enough is the exact same issue I am having with Hulu. (Even connected to my wifi router, the content never loads on my phone.

    I just got a wild hair to try out Project Playlist on my phone ( and this site loads up and plays music just fine. Which shows that Flash on webOS is definitely capable of loading music content in a Flash music player embedded on a webpage, so I'm not understanding why it isn't working with rhapsody.

    If anybody tries this site with webOS 1.x (, since it isn't a Flash site and SHOULD be supported by webOS 1.x, let me know what the results are.
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    Have been trying all afternoon. Have tried both my Pre 2 (2.x) and wife's Pre Plus (1.x) to no avail. Maddening. I switched from android after being awestruck by my wife's Pre, but am seriously considering switching back because of the lack of Rhapsody. Haven't bought an album in about 2 years because of rhapsody and not being able to stream my music is definitely a shortcoming... Please let me know if you, or anyone else, can figure out why the new rhapsody site won't work.
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    Well, apparently I was wrong about it not using flash, after scouring through the code using Opera Dragonfly, I found this:

    <div id="miniPlayer">
    <embed src="/images/flash/MiniPlayer.swf?v=3cd484a4e906efca9a36fbda461219fb069f23bf" width="1" height="1" align="middle" id="MiniPlayerApp" quality="high" bgcolor="$ffffff" name="MiniPlayerApp" allowscriptaccess="always" pluginspage="" flashvars="namespace=MiniPlayer&environment=production" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

    So it looks like this one won't work with 1.x at all either. Jesus, just by looking at the site, and right clicking around on things, looking for ANY Flash elements whasoever, I couldn't find any. But it's obviously there. As a matter of fact, the entire player looks to be Flash in some way or another, on the backend or something. You won't find it just by going to "View Source" and searching for Flash or swf or anything of the sort. I had to inspect it with Dragonfly and inspect many individual elements before I even found it.

    Even so, on 2.x it's WAY too close to working to not work dammit. I sent feedback and let them know how close it is to working on 2.x, but I guess that's about all that can be done at this point until the coders decide to do something about it, if ever.
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    it won't let me log in.
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    I just tried to watch Top Shot on my Pre2 as well via Hulu, and that was when I found that it wouldn't work.

    Maybe, some way, some how, content providers can reject certain devices from viewing their content? I'm really not sure how that's even possible, but you never know.
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    I have no idea why rhapsody refuses to support webos in anything. You would think with rhapsody trying to fight to gain marketshare against things like itunes and webos doing the same with other OS' that they would find it in their best intrest to work together.
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    Maybe we canconvince Napster... I have both services and I prefer Napster much better.
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    OK, having never used PalmOS in the past, I didn't know this, but apparently, there's a Rhapsody app for PalmOS. Working on getting Classic up and running on my phone now.
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    Did the Classic route work? I have been dying for Rhapsody since the day I got my pre......but no flash= no fun.
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    Ditto that request about the classic route.

    Rhapsody worked great on my iTouch (before it got stolen) and currently on my ancient SanDisk MP3 player. Would give a body part to have it integrated into my Pre.

    Anyway we can ask HP to make this a priority app for them to develop / product to team with?
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    Bumping this. I tried today and couldn't get it to work.

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