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    50 million or more.
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    Netflix, Hulu, apps. Whatever the cost. Gotta make those happen.
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    Send everyone a postcard from my private island in the Bahamas that has no phone, puters, TV or any other technology.....
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    I would give some sweet devices to some sweet people that have done some SWEET things for us!!! ...but I'd also toss a bit of money @HP to ALWAYS get the test devices!!!! That's what I'm talkin about!!!

    I would seriously dump some change @ webosinternals, canuck (jason), & sconix tho!!!!
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    I would buy 100 of the new devices and donate to PC for an supergive away, 1 a day for 100 days kinda thing
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    Pay the moderators a weekly salery to place the trouble-makers in timeout until August 2011.
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    I'd hire a bunch of good developers and start a software company, boosting app numbers, content and sales. Then after two years, when the investment has paid off, I'd re-invest the money into a company that makes hardware accessories for HP phones.

    I'd also buy servers and start a webOS forum for people who have webOS devices and want to talk about them, as opposed to one for android users who desperately want to be missionaries.

    All that, or I could buy a third-world country, rule it with an iron fist and keep its people down, and be invited to posh dinners with other heads-of-state who will treat me as if I was a man of honor and principle until my people rise up and start killing each other, at which point I'll be nicely asked to take my peoples' money I've been hoarding all those years and go into exile where it's sunny. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
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    get webos 2.x on my pixi...i think with that kind of cash I could make that happen
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    Id buy myself a unlocked dev version of one of the new phones comming out(cuz i really need one hint hint ) and a touchpad in a GSM version if it comes like that. then id get skype and textfree to be ported to webOS. And i would port adobe flash in a flash(idk if that pun was intended lol) because we have been promised it for soooooo long and now it looks like we original pre owners might not ever get it :<

    Jason R. and webOS internals would be getting some cash for the great work they do.

    If i had tons of cash i would buy palm from hp and run it according to the smart masses who really know what people want reguarding webOS software and hardware.

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I would hire jason as my pool boy and personal patch dev.

    then I would offer a richard branson-style contest to give a $1m for each of the top 10 needed apps. Netflix, rhapsody, etc. $1m each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I would hire jason as my pool boy and personal patch dev.

    then I would offer a richard branson-style contest to give a $1m for each of the top 10 needed apps. Netflix, rhapsody, etc. $1m each.
    Dont forget 30% to webos-internals

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    Get a startup founded similar to the Mozilla Foundation that would pay salaries to developers that work on bringing free, quality apps to the WebOS platform. Immediately on the list would be a browser that lets you save content from web sites, a fool-proof method that keep iTunes from rejecting the phone, build productivity apps to rival Apple's offerings on the iPhone and iPad. Native apps for Netflix, Facebook (the current app doesn't count, we know it's terrible), a photo manager with an open plug-in framework to enable easy uploads to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug - any photo site you want to develop a plugin for.

    Oh, and a big party!
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    Frankenpre... that is all.
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    Considering 5 mil of that would make me a billionaire in my country, I'd probably have 45 mil to donate. Well, at least 1/2 of the 50.
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    more apps!
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    I'd put webOS on my tv and toaster.
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    Quit my day job, it will allow me to do more here Also will start an app bounty firm to pay devs cash bounties for killer apps on webOS. Yes cash for Im too lazy to deal with taxforms and I know they would be honorable
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    First thing on the list, help meet the needs of WebOS internals. Come on guys, we all know WebOS would be nothing without them
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    I would buy me an iPhone quit my job and say "hasta la vista baby" to WebOS!
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    Make a hefty donation to the homebrew community, and buy a good amount of HP stock.
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