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    i am having a hard time figuring out what to do in order to increase compcache the perm. way. i get in novaterm and run the first two lines but then it seems as if i end up with something where i cant type or modify anything.

    any one else ever have any issues doing this?
    thanks for any help
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    suggest you use internalz. (activate the advance mode) so that you can edit the file in the phone directly.
    then reboot and you'd see the permanent change.
    I prefer this cause it's a GUI ..rather then pure text mode.
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    So I attempted to edit my compcache file on my Sprint Unlocked FrankenPre2 via novaterm. For some reason, vi opened a blank file. I don't know if the compache file existed in /etc/event.d/ prior to the "vi /etc/event.d/compache" command, but when I saw the blank file I attempted to ":q!" out. Well, the "w" key happens to be right next to the "q" key, and I ended up inadvertently saving the blank file as /etc/event.d/compache. Of course, I DID NOT backup the file previously (like I said, I'm not even positive it existed previously).

    Anyway, does anybody know how to restore that file? I'd really prefer not to have to doctor. I looked around the doctor I used for my frankenPre2, but the /etc/event.d/ directory contained no files named compcache.

    also, a small PSA:
    "If you think a weakness can be turned into a strength, I hate to tell you this, but that's another weakness." - Jack Handey

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