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    Guys - having profile problems after upgrading my ATT Pre Plus to 2.1.0.

    I've tried the upgrade a couple of times. Once using my old profile and then again with a newly created profile (created after upgrading the phone). In each case everything was working well (Preware, apps catalog etc). In both cases it seems like after I entered mu palm profile on palm's website I can no longer access my profile on the phone. My Palm profile is grayed out on the phone, Preware gets hung on the 'Complete" screen etc. The second time around it seems the problem occurred when I added a credit card to my account in order to buys apps

    Profile shows as 1.40.50 in both Palm profiles. I turned off backup before each upgrade/doctor

    What am I missing here and how to permanently avoid this. Luckily I don't need my profile for much but do need access for Preware and apps catalog
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