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    Bluetooth has been erratic lately. Sometimes it connects to device and then disconnects and then doesn't recgnise any stored devices. A full device restart needed to restore functionality. I am wondering if mode switcher has something to do with this, I have it set to turn on bluetooth. It until the bluetooth stops working. Any one had this problem?
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    I believe this is related to Mode Switcher. I have a recently doctor'ed Pre that was working perfectly. After I installed Mode Switcher, I would periodically see the problem you described. After I removed Mode Switcher, Bluetooth worked fine again. I actually tried to re-install it and could reproduce my problem.

    I suspect it has to do with Mode Switcher trying to start and stop Bluetooth before it's ready based on when it thinks a Mode should be switching.

    Note, Mode Switcher is awesome and used to use it a lot before I replaced my Pre so I miss it now. I would first try to avoid this scenario if you make sure to not have any modes that change the Bluetooth state.
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    WebOS 1.4.5 has several known issues with Mode Switcher 1.x. Even though Mode Switcher 1.x has the ability to turn various radios on and off, sometimes that works and sometimes it fails. Bluetooth seems more frail than WiFi, therefore I leave Bluetooth on all the time. I do use Mode Switcher to turn on and off WiFi and for the most part it works, however periodically that also fails. Sconix is hopefull that WebOS 2.x and Mode Switcher 2.x will have better control of the radios.
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