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    Is there any way to use the build-in Palm Pre web browser to open a local html file in /media/internal? Thanks
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    are you copying it to the usb partition of the phone.
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    internalz will probably help, but I can't find any html pages on my phone to try. Where is the html coming from?
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    I have a saved webpage on PC, and would like to put it on my pre for offline browsing, just like regular web page.

    But I found that the build-in browser cannot open any html file. And Internalz can only read the html file as a text file.
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    Has anyone come up with an answer to this one yet? I just had the same need. I copied an html file to my USB partition hoping to read it later on my phone and realised that there seems to be no way of reading local html files.

    I'm amazed that such a basic feature doesn't seem to be available.

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    Well my own quick fix to this was, would you believe it, convert it into a Microsoft Word file and view it through QuickOffice. Works fine, but I still feel I should be able to view a local HTML file.

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