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    Yes, I wish the Touchpad would have this too. I don't want the stylus for navigating the OS, I just want it for input and apps.
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    I really want a tablet with quality pen input. Being able to take freehand engineering notes with equations, graphs and diagrams that are impossible with only a keyboard input would be amazing. A digital notebook has been a dream of mine for years and years. Being able to carry reams of notebooks in a small device that I can categorize and easily sort though would be an instant buy for me. Hell, me and the other two guys I work with would all buy one if we could use it to collaborate on projects. If HP were to offer a WebOS device that had all of that, almost no price point would put it in the no thanks category. $500, $1000 even $2000 dollars would be worth it for us (assuming everything worked flawlessly).
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    People are realizing that a fingertip is NOT the best instrument for interacting with a screen. Not very precise, fingerprints, etc.

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    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    yes, my ipad has certain limitation with just finger only operation. I would really love it if the tablet let you use finger and wacom pen. That will be perfect tablet.
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    + 1 here too guys! I don't really need the precision of a pen as for my needs finger precision is fine enough but I need a note app so that I can write my field review reports (construction related) just on my phone ie. with text, pictures (must be able to sketch on pictures) & draw as-built details if necessary.

    Currently I use Mental Note by zymbiotic technology on my iPhone & it does all the above fine but I intend to get a Pre3 as soon a sI can to get back into Palm ASAP
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    Absofrickinlutely. Digitizer = instant win.
    The HTC Flyer isn't for me because I want a 10" tablet (and remain quite partial to webOS in the first place) but the digitizer is a huge boon, and I've been calling for a webOS tablet with one for ages.

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    After seeing the flyer my interest in renewed in this discussion... does HP know people are interested? Perhaps we should find a way to formally let them know...
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    I think they know that "people are interested". The issue for a company of HP's scale is rather how many people are interested. I'd definitely say that digitizer pens are a wish held by a minority, mainly artists and designers who wouldn't be found dead with a device not made by Apple. You probably know the kind. "Apple is best for graphical designers. Why? Well, it's Apple! Don't you know anything? Any designer worth their salt uses Apple. Gotta have a reason."

    The Flyer is a fly device, but if it was made by HP, you should see this forum discuss how hard it's going to fail. I really don't think it's going to sell particularly well. It's a nifty, innovative piece of tech for sure and I really hope that more devices will start shipping with digitizers, but as it is right now, the market for digitizer-enabled tabs seems smallish and self-limiting.
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