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    Is this new in 2.x, or have I just never noticed it before?

    When I have a contact without a "name", and just a company name (so they will sort properly in my contacts), when I "Just Type" the company name, it brings up the numbers, but not the name. A bit disconcerting, as I'd like confirmation that I'm actually going to be dialing the company I intend to dial.

    Contacts sorted by Last Name.
    Sample company: Center Road Vision Care

    I want the company to be listed under "C" in my contacts, so I do not put anything in the "Name" field, but I put the full company name in the "Company" field. Everything sorts and displays properly int he Contacts app, but Just Type brings up a list of phone numbers with no name.

    Anyone have a workaround?
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    Do the companies have emails? I noticed that if you type the company name, you get pretty much every bit of contact info except company name, so you might be able to distinguish them by email.

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    I have this problem as well and I'm really surprised there isn't more noise about it, especially as this is a regression from WebOS 1.x.

    Is everyone having this problem or is it just an isolated bug?
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    I have the same problem on Pre2, the webos 2 also doesn't support to sync the custom label in google contact.
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    Just made the complete jump to 2.1 and i'm having the same issue here. It worked with 1.x.

    Couldn't there be a patch for this ?

    meanwhile post this issue here:

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