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    My mom was hospitalized Friday due to a seizure caused by two tumors in her brain that shattered and dislocated both of her shoulders. Juggling the phone calls with family, friends, insurance, hospitals, her boss, taking notes with the memo app, looking up directions, addresses, looking up contact information, calendar dates, using the mobile hotspot, youtube for laughs, using the camera to record and document injuries and hospital care, using the tasks app to make a shopping list of items for my mom, setting alarms in th clock app, using zcorder to record what the doctors were saying all at the same time because of the extremely fast, elegant nature of webOS' multitasking was a godsend. Thanks to webOS Internals for 2.1 and overclocking. Any other OS would have taken so much more effort to accomplish what was needed. My sister was helping on her Samsung Fascinate with Android but ultimately, my Pre- with 2.1 was there for what we needed, exactly when we needed it. webOS for life.
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    Hope its fixable and your mother get better soon.
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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