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I contacted Sprint and the rep never told me this. If I can upgrade after April 1st that message was never conveyed. The rep actually told me to use it or lose it and to do the 30 day trial to wait for pre orders for the phones I would like. I don't know if that means Pre 3 will be up for pre order soon, but that would be neat.
Well, now you forced yourself to by an EVO (or whatever device). By using your upgrade, you now have to pick a phone to go with within 30 days. I don't think you can go back to Sprint and say "Well, I don't want this EVO, please re-instate my upgrade so I can use it on some phone in the future."

Once again, you always have to follow the rule when dealing with any cell phone company reps -- you have to hear it from 5 different people and see it in writing to believe it.

I am sure the rep told you that if you do not use your upgrade by Mar 31st, it will revert back to your 22 month upgrade window, but they never checked when the last time you upgraded then...