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    I'm trying to create a signature where the phone number doesn't have the link to auto dial. I sent a test email to my multiple email accounts and the autodial feature changes the numbers/symbols and looks very wierd.
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    not sure of the question. Are you trying to disguise a pone number in email from your Pre? Like using spaces instead of a dash? 212 555 1212 instead of 212.555.1212.

    Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve?
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    Yes. I was hoping to type my phone number in my email signature but not have it become a link to dial - just plain text. (The linked phone number shows up as a hyperlink in my work outlook account and shows up with symbols in my comcast account). Is the only way to keep it as text is to eliminate the dashes/periods?

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    I never noticed that before. Pretty annoying...

    so far it looks like you can use / : @ ! As dividers

    I did mine as xxx/555.1212 and that works.
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    Try typing your phone number on a memo and then copy/paste it into your signature. I was able to get rid of the link doing it that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by COS777 View Post
    Try typing your phone number on a memo and then copy/paste it into your signature. I was able to get rid of the link doing it that way.
    I have the same problem, and using a memo doesn't work: the link appears in the memo app just the same, and cutting+pasting won't help either. (Pre Plus, WebOS 2.1, german; but it was this way in 1.4.5, too.) See also this older thread.

    I have two numbers in my signature (phone and fax), and for some strange reason the first one stays without link (I don't know how I managed to enter it withoug a link), but the second gets a link as soon as a few numbers are typed.

    I tried quite a lot of ways to sneak in the number without getting a link, and never succeeded.
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    Sorry, I didn't want to try my steps because I didn't want to break it so did it from what I remembered, bad idea. I went back and tried it, and what I forgot was that you have to delete absolutely everything out of your signature, including the "-- ". Type everything into a memo (including "-- " if you want it). The phone number is displayed as a link in the memo, but when you copy/paste everything into the signature, the link is dropped. I have 1.4.5 and I am able to get it to work. I hope that helps, sorry I left out that "minor" detail...
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    Thanks for the additional details, but it still doesn't work. I cleared the signature, even closed the mail app, then pasted from the memo, but the link appears again.

    Funnily, when sending that very same memo as e-mail, the mail contains perfectly plain text without any links.

    Maybe there's something special about my signature text. Could you maybe test it?

    Florian Jenn
    BTU Cottbus, LS Umweltgeologie / Chair of Environmental Geology
    Tel. 0355 / 69-3060 Fax 0355 / 69-3779
    Only the second number gets a link.
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    From what I can tell, it hyperlinks the last line/item of the signature if it is "hyper-linkable". By placing your telephone number ahead of your website, your website is a link but your phone number is not. I have my email address as the last line so it shows as a link, but being an email I don't really care. If I put just regular text as the last line ("Hi" for example), nothing gets hyper-linked at all. So as I see it, you could put your telephone numbers ahead of your website, or you could write something like "Sent from my Palm Pre." and nothing would be hyper-linked.

    I actually had never figured out it was the last line until now. I did wonder why my email was linked but my phone number wasn't. Now I know. Hope that helps.
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    I have also discovered that you can type your signature in the signature box, then select all, cut and paste back into the signature. It then removes any links as long as any potential link is not the last item in the signature.

    One other trick is to have a random letter as the last line of the signature. After you cut and paste it back, you can delete that letter. As long as you leave the cursor on the blank line (don't delete back to the end of the above line), it will not link what appears to be the last line since you have the blank line at the end.

    The first image below is what it looks like normally, the second is after cutting/pasting, and the third is deleting the last line but leaving the cursor on the now blank line.
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    Thanks for the great answer! I'm completely amazed at the amount and kind of hoops WebOS makes one jump through. :-/

    The information about just the last line being changed, and that I could exchange website and phone solved the problem and improved my signature.

    The cutting&pasting with some trailing text worked also; but I stayed with the website link on bottom.

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