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    Hey all, I am a Sprint pre minus user and recently I noticed that I have not been getting any of my voicemails. A while back I set up a google voice account and had my voicemails forwarded to that so I could get visual voicemail. That was working fine and I would receive the email/sms notifications as I was supposed to.

    Well, back in December something weird happen and my phone "reset" itself and I lost all my apps/settings and essentially my phone wiped itself. For a while after that people were still able to leave me voicemails, which I can see in my google voice account, but I did not get any notifications that they left a voicemail.

    NOW, however, whenever someone calls me instead of asking them to leave a voicemail, a voice says something like "please enter the number you wish to call followed by the pound key". I have tried deactivating and then reactivating my phone within my google account but that hasn't helped. Is there some setting on my phone itself I need to change? I looked in the preferences for the phone app to see if there was a setting for "enable call forwarding" but I don't see it there.

    Any help? I only use this for voicemails and don't do any outward calling with google voice.
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    You will probably have to call customer service at *2 to get this fixed. I had trouble deactivating voicemail forwarding to GV when I tried it.

    The recent issue may have something to do with the Sprint-GV integration that is coming "soon." See Google Voice.
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