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    Hi guys,

    I dont see any other exact info about my phone in this case so here goes...bare with me guys....

    I for years was on my boyfriends family plan with my verizon palm pre plus. Well we broke up recently and he deactivated my line on the account. After calling verizon over and over again they told me that without his permission they couldnt take my phone off the account and release it to me. He is just being a jerk and wants something over my head to use to he wont take it off the account. The phone is not stolen or isnt shut off due to lack of payment. The bill is all paid in full actually.

    So i was wondering if there is a way I can maybe change the esn number of the phone so I can use it on my own plan or is my phone just a paper weight now and not usable but through the wifi which is what ive been using when in hotspots lol.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.

    I have palm pre plus and want to use on prepaid verizon.

    Thanks guys

    sorry if posted in wrong section
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