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    Is that really any different from saving your document in your Dropbox?
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    Yes, because you won't need dropbox.
    But ofcourse one is welcome to keep using their dropbox instead.
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    Even I am a bit disappointed by this as I cannot see a webOS browser bookmark being desirable to anybody... and that's including myself. Execution will be huge here, but I just can't see it working like this

    2012 or 13 is gonna see Apple "revolutionize" the PC, again, once more, all over again, yet another time by putting a touch panel on a PC and releasing Mac iOS which lets you interact with your mac screen as though it were an iPad. Just by switching on the thing. Basically just like a HP TouchSmart is doing now, but nobody cares because HP is not the company that bored journalists are compelled to write gushing pieces about and TouchSmart software is, truth be told, not all that nice to use. WebOS is.

    And HP is gonna have a browser bookmark.
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    I get home after a long day at work and turn on my new touch screen computer from HP, the webOS service boots up quickly and while I'm taking my keys out of my pocket a make a couple swipes and taps to load my favorite playlist in Koto Music player before setting my Pre 3 down on the touchstone on the desk.

    I get a text message from my girlfriend that shows up on my computer screen and smartphone, but I decide to reply using my computer. Oh but hey, she's already logged into gtalk, so I tap the icon next to her name and send my reply using that IM service.

    I get a phone call after she gets my reply, and now I'm talking to her right through my computer speakers and mic - just like I'm on Skype, but using my Verizon phone service. After I get off the phone with her I get a link sent to my neato! Friend account, which opens the browser immediately on my screen for quick reading. But hey, I don't want to read right now so I do a quick tap and it saves the page to my Notes app, which just so happens to sync with my Google Docs as well so I can pick it back up any time.

    Enough with Koto music, though. My co-worker Brian sent me a link to a new Podcast that he wanted me to check out. Since it was saved on my phone at work, it's now saved on my computer as well. Podsnatcher loads after I tap the icon in the launcher and I start listening right where I left off earlier while I get the kitchen cleaned up.

    Now I need to sit down and do some serious writing, so I minimize webOS on the screen and open Ommwriter to get some work done - listening to music in the background and getting the notification blink whenever I get a text that goes to my phone (and syncs to my computer). Yuck, I hate this song... Good thing I can tap next on my phone screen to shuffle through the next song on my computer like a controller.

    Done writing and editing some photos in Adobe, now to get social. Girlfriend wanted dinner tonight, so I maximize webOS and tap a couple of times to open the calendar and create a new event with a reminder set for 30 minutes before hand so I'm not late. I need to go get ready, but as I walk into my room I get a phone call which I can see on my larger PC screen is from an important caller. Gotta take this - I pick up my phone to answer.

    While I'm on the phone, it's a long conversation, that calendar alert I set earlier on my webOS desktop makes that familiar sound in my ear. I say goodbye, put the phone on the touchstone and go look for a new shirt. When I come back, though, my friend is video calling me on skype, which just so happens to be on my desktop webOS as well. I tap the big green answer button with my finger, say a few quick words about the dinner tonight, and then pick my phone off the touchstone to continue the skype conversation as I walk out the door.

    If you think webOS in a virtual window will be lame, then I am afraid your sights are set farther beyond what we are capable of doing with current technology. Wait a few years and get back to us then with what you think. Personally, I am very excited to see what webOS will do on a computer like this. If it is anything like my scenario above, I'll be in love.

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    Honestly if we want to talk about the future.

    The natural progression would go:

    WebOS makes the devices like Pre, Pixi "Web Phones"
    WebOS uses the cloud
    WebOS is going to used on many different devices

    The future to me would be to come up with a WebOS protocol to allow sharing of data.

    The reason why I don't think running a virtual OS is a good idea is because it takes a lot more resources and processing power. It limits the devices that can use it.

    The future is keeping things lightweight, universal and platform agnostic.
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    True but when do you see this being done? 2015?

    Where is kotoplayer pulling the tunes?
    Fast Webos startup lol. (hopefully it's faster on the computer)
    Why talk on the pc speakers and mic?
    touchscreen laptops sound pricey.

    texting on the computer would be nice. (can do it with a google number, soon sprint too)
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