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    Forget Palm, they should have resurrected 'US Robotics' ;-)

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    I swear to god we'd be having threads about how HP should have killed off that pesky dumb Palm brand name associated with such terrible atrocities as the Pre if they hadn't killed it off.

    I think they should've invented a fancy symbol and simply named it that. "The company formerly known as Palm", or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRol View Post
    Brands can be resurrected.

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    Oh I agree completely...Palm may be gone for now, but it will be back one day! HP is like any company having to market wisely and when they turn the tide and want to offer something old/new to refresh their old Palm will happen. Sorli...
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    HP could go with Palm as model name, or Envy just not Pre.
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    I couldnt agree more with the OP.

    Ask any of your android buddies if they used a pre, most will answer.. 'oh, the palm?' ...

    Good or bad, palm had brand recognition... and like another poster said, brands can certainly be saved and be successful. .. nascar?
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    HP couldn't keep Palm brand because HP doesn't have any significant smartphone sales under it's own name, so Palm would become sales carrier in mobile division which would negatively effected on HP's value.
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