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    Dear webOS-Community,

    since some users asked for a pixi-optimized version of my apps '2lineCalculator' and '3lineProCalculator' I published a free version with some buttons less (and a usable landscape mode) as '2veerCalculator' in the App Catalog today.

    You may also find the app directly here:
    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    Further information concerning the app could be found here:


    Don't hesitate to post your feedback here. If there is really need for it, I'm trying to publish a Pro-version of this app in may 2011, with all the mathematical functions and other features of '3lineProcalc' .

    Thanks in advance, martux

    Edit 2h later: Of course this app will also run on all pre's, where the button have more space, esp. in the landscape-mode,
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