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    Hey all. I have an AT&T Pre+, running MetaDoctor 2.1

    I noticed a few bugs with the Messaging app. In addition to being slow to load up / switch between messages:

    (1) when sending a video, it adds a high squeal/crackle which is not in the original video (I can confirm this by playing the video on my phone directly/on the computer)

    (2) when I hit send, there's a huge delay before the message pops up in the conversation box, and it seems like it SENDS the message (since it shows up sent) before showing up in the window. This behaves differently from 1.4.5

    So when I send a text message, the whole app freezes until that message is sent (like 3-4 seconds or so) which stops me from typing another text or switching to another conversation while that text is sending.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem??
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    I also have this problem on an At&t pre plus
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    It is a known problem in webOS 2.1, hopefully it is fixed in the new version.
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