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    I'm doing a project in school about people's mobile phone purchasing decisions. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking 5 minutes to complete a survey for us about your purchasing decisions: queensbusiness.qualtrics[DOT]com/SE/?SID=SV_8FTZSz88o0GYvU8

    (just replace the dot with an actual dot)

    I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you SO much!
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    Interesting survey but seems to be sponsored by Microsoft.
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    Its not sponsored by Microsoft. Its an actual school survey. I'm a student at Queen's University. Thank you for responding! =)
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    I filled it out because I have nothing else to do now
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    It may not be sponsored by Microsoft, but about 5 of the questions are about windows phones, why you do or don't like it and what would be required for you to consider buying it. It didn't ask about any other operating system.
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    I filled it out for the hell of it.


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