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    Moving from a Treo 750 to the Plam Pre + last year meant that I had to give up a lot of functionality in Calendar, particularly in reminders. I would like to have more options for seeting the initial reminders for appointments, and more than just a 5 minute snooze once the reminder pops up. I have been unable to find an app that provides more flexibility, but was wondering if their might be a patch that does so. Would appreciate a redirect to one if it exists. Thanks in advance!!

    P.S.: Palm Pre + on AT&T w/ 1.4.5
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    bump (little help her please)
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    did you look at ubercalendar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    did you look at ubercalendar?
    Sweet! EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks!!

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