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    My metadoctored PrePlus is running WebOS 2. I can get SMS messages but I can't reply to them. In the upper right corner the message pull-down says "Lock" and I there are no other options to change it to anything else. I moved to my PrePlus2 and all is well but before I put the old one into storage I'd like to restore this functionality.

    I can send a new message to the original sender but it would be _a lot_ more convenient to just reply.

    Thanks In Advance if someone can tell me what causes this & how to fix it.
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    i got the same problem here ,more over i can't send any msg at all.just only one msg after metadoctor,then completely locked.
    My pre is plam pre O2 Germany with webos2.1
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    same damn thing , anyone got a fix for this ?
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    Have you signed into your palm profile by starting up the gesture tutorial app? This is a result of not having a palm profile active.
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