I'm a fairly new smartphone user and am in love with my Pre- on sprint. Really, really, really hope Sprint gets picked up as a carrier.

The scale and cross platform ability of WebOS is amazing. I really want a Pre3, Touchpad, and work laptop/home desktop with an integrated WebOS "app". However, I think HP is missing an important aspect of consumer devices....TV. Being able to access a WebOS environment on my TV to utilize Netflix, and more importantly, to access all my WebOS related files/multimedia would be fantastic and truly roundout all my technology desires. Maybe even an app for DVRing things to a local (wifi) desktop.

Additionally, a WebOS remote with the normal remote controls + a horizontal slide out full QWERTY keyboard would be amazing. Just another device to put WebOS on (instead of the infamous webOS toaster).

Thanks PreCentral for doing a great job....love the site