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    Is there a way to route between the clients of Mobile Hotspot?

    Mobile Hotspot on my Palm Pre at 1.4.5 works great to tether my laptop, desktop, and HP printer to the internet, but I can't ping from one device to the other. Get IP address not found. However, using ipconfig, I can see that each device is getting its own 10.1.1.n IP address. Just seems that one device can't see the others?

    Saw some discussions on enabling IP forwarding using freetether app. Is this what I need? (Hard to find info on freetether and it doesn't seem to be in the preware catalog.)

    Thanks - Mark
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    There was a patch to enable ip forwarding in mobile hotspot and yes you would need the earlier version of freetether if you still wanted to use mhs. Freetether has been updated to be a standalone tethering program and works great. I uninstalled mhs a long time ago.

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