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    I have Sprint & want to login a spare pre to test its service/works ok. If I swap service to the spare but create a new test profile, then shutoff my orig device. If I find the spare tests ok and want to swap back to my main device, since I didn't touch the profile would it just work again? Or try to make me login my profile again? I don't want it to screw w my homebrew/apps. I would hope it would just work again since the profiles already in. I don't want to have to reset msl or anything.


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    Bump for anyone who may know?

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    your plan to use a new profile should work fine, but I don't have sprint so don't quote me on that!

    On Verizon when I finally started using different profiles when switching between Pre & Pixi I could even use them as WiFi devices, and I just switch my MEID HEX on the Verizon website. Using the same profile/login - even if i left the Pre turned off the whole time I was using the Pixi - it wiped my data and i had to reload from scratch (I'm a pro at reinstalling Preware and my patches now!)

    good luck
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    if you use the same profile, it will erase and recover your profile to the phone you are re-activated. I've done it between my plus and my pre2 several times.

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